Learning Ashram


Subject Code: MC0075

1) NOS is a
a) Software
b) Hardware
c) Device
d) None

2) ___________(IEEE 802.11) is the standard for wireless

3) The term __________(computer network) is used to mean an interconnected collection of autonomous computers.
4) Videoconference technology finds extensively helpful for remote school.

5) Session and presentation layers are not there in TCP / IP reference model.

6) Host to Host layer is also called Transport layer.

7) TCP / IP reference model was created in 1970s by DARPA.

8) Which layer is not really a layer
a) Host of the network
b) Network to host
c) Application to presentation
d) None

9) De facto Latin word means from the fact.

10) What sound level corresponds to the threshold of hearing zero of B.

11) The Fourier series equation is
(a) g(t) = 1/2 (+ ? an sn (2pft) + + ? pn ces(2pft)

12) Which mode of transmission requires a clock
a) Serial
b) Parallel
c) Serial-parallel
d) None

13) FDW, WDM, TDM stands for
a) Frequency division multiplexing
b) Wavelength division multiplexing
c) Time division multiplexing

14) The term used to describe the way in which computers are connected in network.
a) Topology
b) Technology
c) Logic
d) None

15) Circuit swishing n / w is used for dedicated circuit.

16) Is packet swishing passed on connection oriented service?
a) No

17) Which is the process in which two or more signals are combined?
a) Multiplexing
b) De-multiplexing
c) None
d) 1 & 2 both

18) The wireless transmission is
a) Radio and Microwave

19) Which coaxial cable uses BNC connector?
a) Thin coax

20) The topology that is most commonly used and easily expandable.
a) Star
b) Ring
c) Bus
d) None

21) ----------- suffers more impairment than coaxial cable.
a) Twisted pair
22) DLL deals implements the flow control using the --------- technique.
a) Feedback

23) If the total number of bits are even then the parity bits appended is called.
a) Odd
b) Even
c) Prime
d) None
24) The hamming code for the blank character whose ASCII code is “0100000”.
a) 10011000000
b) 1010100000
c) None
d) 0000111100
25) The throughput of pure ALOHA.
a) 18.1%
b) 18.2%
c) 18.4%
d) 18.9%

26) The random time after collision is given by
a) Binary exponential back off algo
b) Binary logarithmic back off algo
c) Binary to octal back off algo
d) None

27) The throughput of slotted ALOHA is ---------
a) 36.8%

28) State “T” or “F” “congestion tends to feed upon itself.”
a) True
29) Flooding is ------------ algo.
a) Routing
b) Partitioning
c) None
d) 1 & 2 both

30) Channel traffic is bursty in
a) Static
b) Dynamic
c) Both
d) None

31) UDP stands for
a) User datagram protocol

32) The No. of ways to release a connection
a) Two
b) Three
c) Four
d) None

33) UDP runs over
a) IPv6
b) TCP
c) IPv4
d) None

34) The number of field in TCP Header are
a) 10
b) 12
c) 13
d) 11

35) ISDN stands for ----------
a) Integrated services digital networks

36) Repeaters are
a) Analog
b) Digital

37) State T or F repeaters are a regenerator, and not an amplifier.
a) True

38) The device that is like hub and has a multiple parts.
a) Switches

39) A switch establishes broadcast connection b/w parts
a) True
b) False

40) ----------- are the intelligent device that operate at layer 2.
a) Bridges


41) P2P and B2C are stands for -------&--------.(Peer to Peer, )Business to Consumers

42) Different forms of e-commerce of -------, -------, -------- &--------.(B2C, B2B, G2C, C2C, P2P)

43) Remote logic and digitized voice are the example of -------&--------.(Connection oriented)

44) The layers which are not present in TCP / IP reference model are ------&------- (Session and presentation)

45) The example of asynchronous and synchronous mode of communication are
a) e-mail and UAR
b) e-mail – HDLC
c) e-mail – UDP
d) None

46) The different TDM schemes are -------and --------.(Statistical TDM , Conventional TDM)

47) The bus topology has ------ high------low. (Reliability, cost)

48) The parameters that are key concerns in the design of data transmission system are ----&-------.(Datarate and distance )

49) The types of configurations in wireless transmission are
a) Directional and omni-directional
b) Directional and non-directional
c) Directional
d) None

50) Range of frequencies for omni-directional applications are
a) 30mhz – 2ghz
b) 30mhz – 1ghz
c) 30mhz – 4ghz
d) None

51) Data is 1000000 it become ------ with even parity. (10000001)

52) The preamble field necessary for
a) Synchronous
b) A synchronous
c) Both
d) None

53) 1000 Base-LX is a ------ mode fiber
a) Single
b) Double
c) Multiple
d) None

54) The solution to congestion are -----and ------.(Openloop , Closedloop)

55) The stable state with low throughout is called--------.(Congestive , Collapse)

56) TPDU is an acronym of ------- (Transport Protocol Data Unit)

57) The service primitive used to exchange data in connection oriented service are---(SEND and RECEIVE)

58) Brouter is a device that combines the function of a ------&-------.(Router and bridge)

59) Modem is a contraction of the terms ------and ------------.(Modulator and demodulator)

60) The efficiency and overhead for an asynchronous transmission of single 7-bit ASCII character with one start, one stop & one parity bit are------ and -------.
a) 70% , 30%


61) Main components of computer networks are
a) Servers
b) Nodes
c) Workstation
d) Network operating system

62) Match the following
(1) B2C (a) ordering books on line
(2) B2B (b) manufacturer ordering tires from suppliers
(3) G2C (c) government distributing tax forms
(4) P2P (d) files sharing
a) 1-a 2-b 3-c 4-d
b) 1-b 2-c 3-a 4-d
c) 1-c 2-d 3-b 4-a
d) None of above

63) First four different layers of OSI model are ----,-----,------&-------.
a) Physical, Data link , Network , Transport
b) Physical, Session, Network , Transport
c) Application , Session , Network , Transport
d) Network, Physical Transport, Session

64) Communication using circuit switching involves three phases
a) Connection establishment
b) Data transfer
c) Termination
d) All of the Above

65) Optical fiber is base on the principle of
a) Reflection
b) Refraction
c) Total internal reflection
d) None

66) The three currently international standards of CPC are -----,-------&-------.
a) CRC-12
b) CRC-16

67) The transmitted code if the frame is 1101011011 and generator polynomial is X4+X+1 is (Transmitted code is “11010110111110” )

68) The common data link protocols are
c) Both a & b
d) None of these

69) Match the column
Name Cable
(1)10 base 5 (a) Fiber optics
(2)10base 2 (b) Twisted pair
(3)10base T (c) Thin coax
(4)10base F (d) Thick coax
a) 1-a 2-b 3-c 4-d
b) 1-c 2-b 3-a 4-d
c) 1-d 2-c 3-b 4-a
d) None

70) “Repeater and HUB” are used in which layer (Physical layer)

71) The basic types of bridges are------,--------&---------.
a) Transparent , Translational , Source route bridge
b) Application, Transport, Seesion
c) Both a & b
d) None of these

72) The different swiching methods are----------,---------&---------.(Cut-through , Store and forward Fragment free)

73) A noiseless 3-khz channel transmits binary signals at the rate of
a) 6kbpa
b) 5kbps
c) 4kbps
d) 2kbps

74) A nosy channel of 3000 hz B.W and s/n ratio 30 db can never transmit more than
a) 29901.6 bits/sec
b) 29801.7 bits/sec
c) 29876.3 bits/sec
d) None

75) The address reserved for private networks is
d) None