Learning Ashram

Global Public School

The school is situated in the heart of the city with a spacious modern building and the best facilities. The building is artistically designed and built which supports quality learning.

From the spacious environs of the lobby, spread out the academic and administrative wings each supporting the other without interfering in basic functions.

The primary and pre-primary wing brings out the best activity based learning among students. It is colourful, supportive, stimulating and functional. The activity room motivates learning among tiny tots.

The senior wing adds intellectual separation with academic involvement. It creates learning environment and support pride and self esteem. State of art, computer and science laboratories further facilitate practical application of knowledge. A dynamic and progressive library instigates information gathering and learning process.

The atmosphere at Global Public School is highly conducive enabling each child to develop his/her talent to achieve perfection in the knowledge based world so that, they emerge out as a successful citizens, making their own mark of distinction around the globe.