Learning Ashram

Candlewick Public School

The Shifting of Candlewick
Candlewick survived its early battles and emerged stronger for them. Its rapid expansion forced a change in its premises first to Devi Marg and then, on the 13th of July 1998 to its present location at Vidyadhar Nagar. Here, its growth has been accelerated with a new class or section being added virtually every year. In the years that have passed since then, the school has grown by leaps and bounds. The strength of the school has increased. This considerable increase has come despite the fact that no active marketing has ever been done. What publicity has taken place has been by word of mouth. It is apparent even to a chance visitor to the school that Candlewick's atmosphere is electric with positive energy that motivates a person to give his best. Discipline is strict, but not harsh. The onus is on enjoying one's studies. The manner in which teaching is done ensures that the students can relate to even the grimmest of subjects. This, unconsciously, helps them to gauge their own interest and aptitude and in turn helps them in the selection of a career. The teachers also try to help the students overcome their fear of failure-a problem, which is particularly apparent among students in 'Board Year'. It is impressed upon students that the examinations are not a 'Holy Grail', but are merely a test of what they have learnt till that stage of their education.

The Road Ahead
The school is moving in the right direction. No one would hazard a guess as to how far Candlewick's brisk rate of progress would take it in the coming decade. What can be hoped for is that the dream of making Candlewick's name synonymous with quality education is coming true. Candlewick will grow and change in both quality and quantity, but what will never change are the values that it is based on the same values that each of its students believes in.