Learning Ashram

St.Edmund's BEST CBSE School

You can transform yourself at St. Edmund’s school. You will receive a solid foundation in the principles of life, but that is only the start. You will also be challenged to dig deep for new capacities and perspectives. You will develop a close set of new capacities and perspectives. Out of it all, you can expect a foundation to take shape that is more satisfying than you thought possible. On the first day of the school in 1975, the founder of the school Shri Ranbir Singh ji opened the doors with the intentions of educating the masses and teaching them how to be leaders.
Though opened as an elementary school in a small campus, the school became one of the top most schools of Jaipur and list itself amongst the best school in the region because of the hard working staff members and the amount of voracious efforts delved in. From that first day, graduates have set precedents and break new grounds in whatever path they have chosen. St. Edmund’s School is a co-educational school offering classes from play group to grade XII. We foster academic excellence in a progressive school environment which is safe and caring. A child spends most of his time in school and every minute spent there has a bearing on his personality and character. No effort is being spared in making children, who would not only strengthen the fabric of democratic society but galvanize the whole process of development and take the country to newer heights.
At St. Edmund’s teachers stimulate students’ minds and their senses of adventure. They are encouraged to excel at academics and to excel at pursuits outside the classrooms. With the challenging social and educational scenario, the role of educational institutions has become increasingly challenging and our school has belied upon itself the onerous task of encouraging, empowering the students who excel academically, who possess a passion for learning, setting of high standards for personal achievement, and who will become self confident leaders of tomorrow to meet the challenge. We believe in promoting student learning, growth and understanding.