Learning Ashram

DAV Centenary Public School

The school started in a small accommodation in C -Scheme on 14th April, 1987 and is now situated at Vaishali Nagar in a sprawling campus of 6.23 acres. A Co-Educational, English medium school from LKG to class XII, with a strength of about 2500 students, is a semblance of tradition and modernity with a stress on personality development. The inculcation of cultural values is encouraged by regular Hawan and Yajnas which purify the campus.

We function within the framework of the fundamental D.A.V. philosophy which unifies the nationwide D.A.V. network and which originated from Maharishi Dayanand. The basic tenet of this philosophy is that in the process of educating our children we accept not only the best that the modern research in education has to offer but also integrate it with the core values of our tradition and culture.
Towards the achievement of this end, the school provides an integrated program that lays emphasis not only on scholastic accomplishments but also on development of strong character, cohesive personality and healthy mental attitudes. These latter attributes are sought to be created through constructive activities and first hand experiences. In other words, our program is comprehensive enough to include such activities and experiences besides formal teaching from text books. Thus a very special aspect of our educational technology is our belief that the task of our school is not limited to imparting academic skill to its pupils but it legitimately extends in helping them to become happy and responsible citizens. We consider it our very important responsibility to help them grow into compassionate beings committed to improve the quality of life around them and to achieve success in their own chosen areas of work. Another important aspect of our approach is our recognition and deep awareness of the fact that every child is a unique human being with his or her own hopes and talents. It is our special.
endeavour to bring out the unique personality trait in each child and allow it to grow till its full potential is actualized.