Learning Ashram

The Scindia School

Located in the Gwalior Fort which towers 300 feet above Gwalior City, The Scindia School sprawls over a majestic 110 acres. A historic, natural and tranquil institution away from the din of the city it provides an ideal educational environment for both students and teachers. This glorious institution has hues of history and achievement in the air which imparts a natural impetus towards a Scindian’s quest for excellence in all spheres of life.
The Scindia School is about the spirit, morals and ethics of India. A school where tradition and modernity blend seamlessly so that while the students value their culture, traditions and stay away from the fallacies of society they are also in sync with all the advancements which are the need of the hour.
The unique setting of the school makes the learning experience enriching as the students find themselves in a mystical world amidst artifacts, statues and monuments dating as far back as the 9th century A.D. It is a place where a person is connected to nature in waysmore than one. The students live in complete harmony with the flora and fauna of this place. The sight of the peacocks and partridges is part of a daily routine. To put it aptly, it has an ecosystem of its own. Dedicated efforts are made on a continual basis to conserve this.
The residential areas have an old world charm as these are actually the barracks that were earlier host to the British soldiers who held the Fort. These barracks are a fine example of British architecture and provide the students with a treasure-trove of untold stories.
The school aims to provide a conducive atmosphere which would enable each child to realize his potential and his latent talents. The objective is to ensure the holistic development of the student with particular emphasis on maintaining high academic standards. The schools instils in each child a desire for excellence, a secular ethos, care for the less privileged, love for adventure and sensitivity towards the environment. It creates scholars and sportsmen who can steer India in its path of progress.
The young adults who pass out are equipped with the necessary skills which make them the leaders of tomorrow emerging victorious from all walks of life with just two letters to add distinction.